Thursday, March 11, 2010

bigger hugs

I awoke this  morning with a smile in my heart and on my face.  My baby girl is 5 today.  I could hear her already running through the house making the precious beautiful “noise” that she makes.  It was 6:00 am.  usually my medicine doesn’t allow me to be awake yet, but I took it early last night hoping to be able to wake early, and Praise God it worked.  I got up and there before me was my beautiful child with a smile and a gleam that said, “well Mom, I’m 5 what do you think?

I gave her a huge hug and she just stood there in all her 5 year old proudness.  Then her Daddy came looking for a hug.  He asked for a hug from 4 year old Teagan.  We looked but couldn’t find her.  Daddy was “sad”.  Teagan in her delightful voice and personality says, “It’s ok Daddy cause I’m 5 now and bigger and stronger and can give you better hugs than just a 4 year old.”  What a precious gift.

Teagan Hope Anastasia Martin born at some point in the afternoon on March 11, 2005 weighing 8 pounds and a few ounces was just beautiful and with a head of black hair we knew that this child was already staking her claim and declaring her spot in our family.  Beautiful hope of the resurrection is the meaning of her name and she has on so many occasions been there to remind us of God gift of Hope and his love. 

So today celebrate with me the joy that is life.  The joy that is being 5.  The joy that is getting a princess leapster before 7 am on your 5th birthday.  I will selfishly and happily reserve the joy that can only be mine as her mother. 

Thank you God for Teagan.  Thank you for life, for hope and for birthdays.

Proud mom of Teagan and kri too and woj,


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